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Conjurer’s Wisdom Volume 2 (Joe Hernandez)

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After the acclaim of the original Conjurer’s Wisdom book Joe decided to conjure up more of his witty, funny, and thought-provoking thoughts. This is a funny, entertaining, and inspirational collection of more than 3,000 magical facts, fallacies, wit, and confabulations.

Open to any page, read any quote, and be ready to ponder about what magic is and is not. Explore these facts and fallacies, and read many of Joe’s favorite oxymorons, redundancies, euphemisms, opinions, questions, observations, and confabulations. Many are interesting thoughts, assumptions, musings, and some are downright dim-witted. As you read each quote, give it some thought, use them in your performance, combine a few or change the quote to fit your needs.

By their very nature, the quotes in Conjuror's Wisdom are meant to be used often and shared during your performance to enliven your presentation. Folks from all lifestyles and all ages will enjoy the wit and wisdom these quotes provide.

Published by Joe Dez Publications in 2023. 236-pages, 6x9 inch, softcover. Hand Autographed.

"Joe's wit and wisdom will delight and inspire you." …Jeff McBride

"Joe has done it again and magically filled a book with thousands of unique insights on conjuring. If you love our art, you will undoubtedly have years of enjoyment reading "between" the lines of these wonderful quotes, quips, and observations."  …Devlin

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