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Revolution Book Test

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: MENTAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

A book test full of surprises. It is a standard looking paperback Sherlock Holmes book, “A Study In Scarlet,” that has been gaffed so that a spectator can name any page to arrive at a word, which can be revealed in many different ways.

It uses the nine principle, as explained on the trailer, to cue you to what word the spectator is thinking of.

The tutorial includes the following reveal strategies: How to perform a basic revelation. Reveal a spectator's memory from their past. Demonstrate a superhuman memory & pretend you've memorized the entire book. How to reveal seemingly any word from the entire page using a genius crib tactic. Perform an incredible number revelation, where the number flipped upside down, spells the word they're thinking of. A way to perform a confabulation routine on video for your corporate clients or stage show guests. Reveal the name and place that 2 spectators are thinking of. Perform a drawing duplication. How to know what song they're thinking of. Also included is a wealth of valuable mentalism tips and strategies.

Comes with the book, a 'crib sheet' bookmark to eliminate memory work, and access to an informative video tutorial by Peter Turner and Geraint Clarke. An Ellusionist product.

Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

  • Excellent principle and decent props.

    5 Stars

    Excellent principle and decent props. I like this one.

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