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Dual Position Copper Silver Copper (Ted Bogusta)

  • Ben Franklin Silver Half (Out of Stock)
  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

Connie Haden’s original Silver And Two Copper Transposition is a classic of coin magic which sparked hundreds of variations and handlings. This new gimmicked version designed by Ted Bogusta is likely the best.

What Ted did was take the classic set of coins and infused them with his DPS (Dual Position Magnetic System). The custom magnetic system allows you to do all the basic and classic routines plus many more displays and sequences that were never possible before.

The set includes a DPS set with a Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar, an East African ten cent coin, an Australian penny, and the three matching coins so everything can be handed out for examination at the end. All the coins are real.

Also available with a Ben Franklin Sliver Half Dollar instead of the Walking Liberty Half.

Some features that are important:
►There are no shells involved which eliminates awkward displays and handlings where you have to turn the coins and then let the gimmick fall out of a shell.
►The Dual Position feature allows you to show the overlapping copper coins and in an instant morph them into a silver coin. And you can instantly turn the silver coin into the two coppers by just sliding them.
►Part of the gimmick doubles as a standard copper/silver coin, so you can start with your favorite Copper/Silver sequence and transition into a CSC routine.
►The hole on the East African coin is real and goes right through.

The video tutorial for the set includes a standard routine plus a bunch of additional routines, sequences, and ideas that would only be possible with this special set of coins.

Comes complete with a gimmicked Dual Position Set, the three matching coins, and access to many different video tutorials. A Martinka Magic product.

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