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An Evening At The Tom-Foolery DVD (Tom Mullica)

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Tom Mullica is the world's greatest living bar magician. With his mile-a-minute comedy, magic and slapstick he presented more than 3,000 sold-out shows during his eleven year run at the famed Tom-Foolery Magic Bar Theatre (1976-1987) in Atlanta, Georgia.

This DVD features the only existing record of Mullica's frenzy-filled act presented in the theater that was built around it. This is your only opportunity to see this comedic genius on his own turf perform his laugh-filled show full of dozens of sidesplitting gags, jokes, and routines. The show features his hysterical Apple Trick and his trademark routine, Nicotine Nincompoop, where he eats a pack of lit cigarettes with a stack of bar napkins as a chaser.

The next time you have a party just play this DVD and your guests will never laugh so hard. You just can't watch this show once. It's gets funnier every time you see it.

A Meir Yedid Magic product. Original release date: DVD: August 2007, VHS: 1984. Running time: Approximately 60 minutes. (Performance Only).

 Oh my God…oh my God…good lord…I've never seen anything like it.
…David Letterman, on Late Night

 Tom Mullica, master showman, is the best in his field. He is real theater.
…Red Skelton

Special DVD Features:
Tom Mullica 20 Years Later Story.
Product Previews.
DVD Trailers.

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