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Giant Surprise Catalog T-Shirt

$25.00 - $27.00
  • 2X-LARGE: $27.00 (Out of Stock)
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  • Category: CLOTHING
  • Product Type: CLOTHING

This attractive, high-quality T-Shirt depicts Vic Lawston’s 1959 Catalog cover. It features great artwork and wonderful descriptions of what is promised inside:

“The House of a Thousand Mysteries :: Giant Surprise Catalog of Professional Magic :: Pocket Tricks - Illusions - Joke Novelties :: Vic Lawston “I’m In Business Just For FUN.”

Produced by Harvey Leeds. It is exclusively available for purchase in many standard sizes. It is a dark blue, 100% ultra-cotton, short-sleeve t-shirt that uses the soft-hand screening printing process that should last much longer than the standard shirts of this type. Available sizes are: M, L, XL, 2XL. Limited Edition.

Media Type Shipped Product

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$25.00 - $27.00
  • 2X-LARGE: $27.00 (Out of Stock)