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KD Reveal T-Shirt

$25.00 - $28.00
  • X-LARGE: $25.00 (Out of Stock)
  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

Around 15 years ago, Richard Micucci had a great idea for a card reveal t-shirt. He produced them and quickly sold out. He just agreed to make more of those unique shirts with the surprising card revelation.

As you can see by the photographs the shirt says, “It’s Magic” and under it there are a bunch of Chinese characters.

After having the King of Diamonds selected you point out that the shirt you are wearing that is marked “It’s Magic” actually has the name of the card printed on it. This will get a laugh since most people will not be able to read what it says (the Chinese characters actually say “monkey” in the middle and have gibberish on top and bottom).

You then grab the bottom of the shirt and lift it up to form the King of Diamonds!

You get a black, high-quality, 100% ultra-cotton, short-sleeve t-shirt. Available sizes are: L, XL, 2XL. No instructions.

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Customer Reviews

  • Draws attention two ways.

    4 Stars

    Draws attention two ways. First people want to know what the Chinese says. Or people spot the words “it’s magic”, and ask if you do magic. Both allow you to perform.

    Need to practice in front of a mirror several times to get the fold right. Even if the fold is not perfect, people still get the idea.

    Might suggest you get one size larger than normal so the fold is easier.

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$25.00 - $28.00
  • X-LARGE: $25.00 (Out of Stock)