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MyMagic T-Shirt

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This black, high-quality, T-Shirt features the MyMagic logo with the missing finger. It was re-designed by Akemi Yoshida to replace the company name around the hand with the missing finger… with a magical band.

Even though the letters MYMAGIC appear on the bottom, only magicians would associate it with Meir Yedid. Everyone else will assume it has to do with you being a magician. When they ask you why the hand on the shirt is missing a finger… It gives you the perfect opportunity to show them some finger magic.

It is available in many standard sizes. It is a black, 100% cotton, short-sleeve t-shirt, with a round 11-inch screen printed image, and removable tabs. Available sizes are: M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL.

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  • 2X-LARGE (Out of Stock)