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Longitudinal Axis Penetration (Astor)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

This is a great idea with a well-made prop you can carry with you.

Show a clear plastic case that can hold two US bills (any denomination and they can even be borrowed). You place the two bills side by side and then fold the case in half. Once folded the bills are seen overlapping as you point out a slit on both sides. Using a borrowed credit card, or your own, you can now visually push that card right through both bills apparently ripping them. But when the bills are removed from the case they are undamaged. And best of all… everything is examinable before and after the performance.

In addition to the original instructions and well-made prop you will also get an additional sheet of instructions by Meir Yedid that will clarify some of the working and give additional handling tips.

Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

  • Wonderful magic effect.

    5 Stars

    Wonderful magic effect.well done explanations..gimmick is well made an strong.if you like magic with a money theme, this is a must to have....
    Buy it before is gone

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