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Supersized KFC Coins (Ted Bogusta & Meir Yedid)

  • Difficulty Rating: EASY
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK
  • Includes: 30-Minute Instructional Video Download

The KFC (Key-ring/Fifty/Centavo) Coin gimmick is an ingenious and well machined gaff that was created by Ted Bogusta and can be used to create impossible and startling coin magic using a half dollar, a copper coin and a key ring.

Meir Yedid was so impressed with the original KFC Coins he started creating additional handlings for himself to use. The shocked and amazed reactions he started getting for these routines from magicians and non-magicians convinced him to release this Supersized set of coins with the additional routines and gimmick.

►Supersized KFC Walk-Around Routine: A two-phase intimate routine where a key ring and a copper coin visually change places with a half dollar. The same startling sequence is then repeated in the spectator’s hand. Everything is examinable at the end.

►Supersized KFC Evaporations Routine: A key ring and a copper coin are placed in your hand. A half dollar is waved over the fist and both the key ring and copper coin completely vanish. The half dollar also disappears and all three objects are found back in the pouch you removed them from. Everything is examinable at the end.

►Supersized KFC Monster Routine: This is basically the combo routine Meir has been using to fry people. It starts with the visual transformation of the key ring and copper coin for the half dollar and then everything vanishes and appears back in the pouch the items were removed from. Everything fits into the pouch and is always ready to be instantly performed and everything is examinable at the end.

Also taught is Meir Yedid’s handling of the Retention Coin Vanish which is easier and more direct than most other versions. It is also ideal for small or injured hands.

In addition to the exclusive routines and techniques created and explained by Meir Yedid you also get access to all of the original routines, sequences and techniques created and explained by Ted Bogusta.

Each set comes complete with a gaffed and regular key ring, a gaffed and regular half dollar, a gaffed and regular Mexican Centavo (both copper plated to keep their shine), a pouch to hold the coins, written instructions for a simple routine, a 30-minute digital video with Meir teaching his routines and access to all of Ted Bogusta’s instructional videos.


  1. Ted Bogusta & Meir Yedid’s Supersized KFC Coins

Media Type Shipped Product

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