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Thoughts On Performing Stand-Up Comedy Magic (Nathan Kranzo)

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  • BONUS: All our copies are autographed.


This is a terrific book full of practical advice on how to do comedy magic. Then nine chapters are filled with the secrets, professional advice, and war stories about the art of performing comedy magic. If you ever wanted to be funny while performing magic, this is the book for you.

You'll Learn: 
* How to transform a simple card trick into a stand-up showstopper that will entertain a room of 100! 
* How to make ANY trick truly FUNNY (and up the pure entertainment 'punch' for any crowd you meet!) 
* The number #1 secret to choosing funny material that works for you every time. 
* How to ensure you get the proper introduction to start your performance off so you can really 'knock 'em dead when it counts!

And many more hard-won secrets to comedy magic like how to handle audience members, performance tips, taking advantage of spontaneous moments, hecklers, running gags, local humor, writing your thoughts, reading the crowd, show notes, and so much more.

First edition. Written by Nathan Kranzo. Published by Nathan Kranzo Publications in 2021. 116-pages, 8.5”x5.25”, softcover, perfect bound. All our copies were autographed by Nathan Kranzo.

"Its an instant Classic for the next generation of performers, this book will give you a solid foundation. The only thing you will need other than this book to succeed is Big Fearless Balls..." …Paul Kozak

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