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Blank Coins Routines (David Roth)

  • Difficulty Rating: ADVANCED
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

In 1998 David Roth introduced the blank coins concept to magic. The idea was that blank coins can magically transform into any coin you want. Since that time, he continued to innovate, improve, and change his original routine. Along the way he also created some new techniques to facilitate the magic.

The video tutorial, that is included with this coin set, features David performing his original routine and the final version he decided to release. You will also learn Dr. Michael Rubinstein’s routine and some ideas by Meir Yedid.

Routines include:
►David Roth’s Purse Frame Wild Coin
(which requires two Blank Coins (included), a purse frame (included), a silver coin, a copper coin, and a gold coin.

►David Roth’s The Blank Coin Routine (which requires six Blank Coins (included), a coin purse (included), a silver coin, a copper coin, and a gold coin).

►Dr. Michael Rubinstein’s Blank Coin Routine (which requires three Blank Coins (included), a coin purse (included), 2 silver coins (half dollar size and quarter size), 2 copper coins (half dollar size and quarter size), and 2 Chinese coins (half dollar size and quarter size).

In addition to the routines, you will also learn the following techniques: Utility Switch, Shuttle Pass, Breakoff Move, Gary Kurtz Spellbound Move, One Hand Switches, The Drop Switch, Free Choice Copper Silver, Palm To Palm Change, Slide Move, Latta Fidget, Holding Position, Pistol Grip Technology, Nowhere Palm, and more.

Comes with six Blank Coins, a purse frame, a coin purse, and access to a 50-minute video tutorial featuring David Roth, Dr. Michael Rubinstein, and Meir Yedid.

Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

  • David Regal Review from the January 2023 issue of Genii Magazine

    5 Stars


    Meir Yedid owns the rights to the late, great David Roth’s material and this release represents everything we admire about Mr. Roth: A novel premise, a clear effect, and excellent routining. The concept is simple—the performer introduces blank, unminted coins. These are silver coins with a milled edge the size of a half dollar. The coins are said to contain “potential,” and can become any coin at all. The performer proceeds to turn three blank coins into coins from three different countries. To cap off the routine, a spectator selects one of the three freshly minted coins, which is placed into his or her hand. The performer takes a blank coin, and it mints itself by changing places with the coin in the spectator’s hand—a surprising transposition.

    There are no gimmicked coins in play here, just good thinking and sleight of hand produce this entertaining routine. You are supplied with six blank coins, a purse frame, and an Onosaka-style black purse. With these items, plus some coins from your own collection, you can perform either of the two blank-coin routines taught by Mr. Roth. In addition, Dr. Michael Rubinstein teaches a novel effect utilizing the blank coins, and Meir Yedid goes over an effective Sol Stone sequence that can be used in place of the traditional Spellbound framing to turn a blank coin into a minted coin. As to value, you receive a nice bundle of items. And it all comes in a paper envelope, just like the old days.

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  • If you have a serious interest in coin magic, this is a great set.

    5 Stars

    The blank coins are a perfect size and weight. I like that everything needed (except for the real currency) for Roth's Purse Frame Wild Coin routine is included. The instructional videos included a few new-to-me sleights that will be quite useful. Also, I enjoy hearing the proper name and originators of moves that I myself have discovered during my journey with coin magic. If you have a serious interest in coin magic, this is a great set.

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