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David Roth's Expert Coin Magic

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  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: BOOK

The legendary David Roth was the most influential and creative coin magician in history. He literally revolutionized the way coin magic was performed and perceived.

This book contains almost all his best routines. The routines, and techniques that created his legacy and that he used to earn a living with, both from lay audiences and magicians.

You will learn: The Retention Vanish, Fingertip Retention Vanish, The Shuffle Pass, Roth Palm Change, Skinner's Spidergrip Vanish, Lapping A Coin From the Closed Fist, The Kaps Subtlety, Benzais Friction Palm, Three-Coin Click Pass, The Flurry, Stand up Flurry Climax, Deep Palm Tenkai Pennies, Deep Palm Tenkai Double Vanish, Deep Palm Tenkai Merge, Karate Coin For Professional Performance, Continuous Spellbound, Pulling Off Ten Cents, A Mighty Squeeze, Squeeze It, A Funnel Coin In Bottle, New Wave Coin In Bottle, Out With Four, Out With Five, Out In Out, Coins Through Hand, Four Halves To Four Dimes, A Chinese Climax, Thumb Steal To Edge Grip, Out With Four a la Edge Grip, Copper Flight, Triple Change Climax, Copper/Silver For Magicians No.1, Copper/Silver For Magicians No.2, Three Silvers And One Copper, The Sokito Box, Four-Coin Transposition, The Heavy Box Routine, The Nokito box, The Table, Purse And Glass, The Ruler, The Portable Hole, The Micrometer, The Planet, The Funnel, Linking Coins II, The Rainbow, The Sleeve, Silly Putty, The Salt Shaker, The Stamp Trick, and The Tuning Fork.

Written and illustrated by Richard Kaufman. Published by Kaufman and Company in 2022 (First printing in 1985). 8.75”x11.25” hardcover with dustjacket, 368-pages, with hundreds of illustrations.

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