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Scents Of Wonder (Todd Karr)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: GENERAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

Although there are many different types of routines that these special flower cards can be used for, the main routine revolves around a prediction.

You begin by writing a prediction on a paper napkin and leaving it in full view. You then show a stack of business sized cards with pictures of different types of flowers on them and have one selected in a very fair manner.

When the selected card is turned over it is seen to be a rose. You then reveal that what you wrote on the napkin was rose. But that is not all. You can proceed to twist the napkin into an origami rose, offer it as a gift and even point out that it smells like a rose. Satisfying most of the senses and giving your spectator a gift.

The tutorial teaches several different methods that range from self-working to intermediate as well as different applications for the flower cards. You are also taught a simple method of folding any paper napkin into a flower.

Comes with 24 special flower cards (2”x3”) and access to an online video tutorial with Todd Karr and Meir Yedid. A Meir Yedid Magic product.

Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

  • Tom Dobrowolski Review from the May 2023 issue of Genii Magazine

    5 Stars

    “Scents of Wonder” by Todd Karr is a rerelease of a special set of business card-size photos of flowers designed to be used in many different types of routines. The main routine revolves around a prediction and a special gift for the spectator that “satisfies most of their senses.”

    In the main routine, the performer writes a prediction on a paper napkin, leaving it in full view. A stack of business card-sized cards with pictures of different types of flowers on them is introduced. The spectator freely and fairly selects one. The selected card is turned over and is seen to be a picture of a rose which is shown to match the prediction the magician wrote on the napkin. The magician can then proceed to twist the paper napkin into an origami rose and offers it as a gift to the spectator, pointing out that it also smells like a rose.

    “Scents of Wonder” comes with 24 special flower cards (two by three inches) and access to an online video tutorial by Meir Yedid and Todd Karr. The cards are well-made, colorful, and easy to handle. They are on business card stock and seem to be quite durable. The size makes them good to use in a one-on-one or close-up setting.

    The online tutorial is approximately 35 minutes long and opens with Meir Yedid giving a short history of the trick. Next is an overview of the special packet of flower cards. While the principle here is not new, the flowers are a clever design used in a clever way. The cards will not withstand scrutiny but handled in the way they suggest most spectators will not question them or feel a need to examine the packet.

    Next, Meir performs the main routine in one to the camera. After the performance, Meir goes into detail on the handling of the routine. The standout is the use of a Phil Matlin force that looks great when used with these cards. Meir goes into detail on the force, giving you tips on how to make this look fair and to make it deceptive. In addition to the handling, there are certain things in the design of the cards that also help to make it so deceptive. He continues by teaching a simple way to make a paper napkin rose as well as a couple of methods to add a rose scent to the napkin.

    He next goes over a few additional forces using the packet of cards. The first one is the original force Todd Karr used when the trick was first released. The nice thing about the force Karr originally used is that it can be done in the hands for walkaround or preshow or any situation when you don’t have access to a table. All the forces presented would work well with these flower cards. I would suggest watching them all as you can use most of them not only with these cards but in other situations where you need to force a card or object. None of them require advanced skill.

    The last part of the tutorial is Todd Karr going into detail on how and why he created this effect. He talks about his quest to incorporate more of our “senses” into magic effects and the early predecessors in print that use more of our “senses” in magic effects, particularly the sense of smell. He also goes over how he came up with the force he uses in “Scents of Wonder.” There is a lot of interesting information here on how a trick comes together and insight into the creative process.

    While you certainly can use the primary routine they provide with these cards, both Meir and Todd (and I) encourage you to use the cards to come up with your own routine. Also, as Todd mentions, after getting this and learning the principle involved, you can make up your own set of cards that doesn’t have to be flowers.

    “Scents of Wonder” is a nice alternative to the standard coin and card tricks. You will use the main routine provided for special occasions in casual and professional performances as a special giveaway your spectators will remember and keep.

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